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Subject: an anarchist roadtrip to Santa Cruz in May
Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009 12:05 PM
From: "Santa Cruz Anarchist Convergence"

Are y'all coming to the anarchst convergence in Santa Cruz in May? We'd really like to see you there.

There are tons of thoughts on my mind of things about it I'd like to tell you. Housing, transportation, and food arrangements for one (covered ont he website). Also, we'd love to see you and yours participate in workshops and panels - also mentioned on the website but in less detail. And then of course, I want to tell you about all the goodness surrounding the convergence, bookfair, kick-off performances, squaredance, picnics, campouts, etc. Where to start?

Hmm, maybe you have questions?


2009-04-17 Fri 17:55:03 cdt