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1 Protester is all it takes
22 Aug 2004
I did my one person protest against the war today in the park downtown.
There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of people here in Omaha against the war, but very few will show up at a protest in downtown Omaha.
The reason it is important to me, even if I am the only one, is the support from the people.
The people driving or walking by will honk, give me a thumbs up, wave, or sometimes say encouraging things to me.
I appreciate this and the postings to the website and Yahoo group:

Just this morning I was in a chat room & people in Pakistan and Maryland were telling me that they like the work I do and they would join my in protest if they were here!
It is nice to get support from people all over the world for my fight for justice, whether I am creating and maintaining websites and groups or if I protesting against an illegal occupation and an unjust war.
Obviously, people whose friends and relatives have been killed or injured by amerikkka's crusades have deep feelings for those willing to make sacrifices on their behalf.
I hope to see more people bring some signs and participate next week !!!

Bring The Troops Home demonstration
8-29-Sun 2:00pm
14th & Douglas
Bring your signs !
There will be food & drink
Food Not Bombs
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