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MAT discrimination
16 Jan 2005
Metro Area Transit problems
This is the letter that I sent after I received no reply from my email complaint:

Thursday, January 13th, 2005

Metro Area Transit
2222 Cuming St
Omaha NE 68102-4328

City of Omaha
1819 Farnam St Ste 300
Omaha NE 68183-0002

I sent the following email 2005-01-11 Tuesday, but I received no reply :

34 West 1-10-Mon

(402) 455 - 8651
PO Box 11182 Omaha NE 68111-0182

Metro Area Transit
Customer Service

Monday, January 10th, 2005

I ride the 34 bus route weekday mornings and afternoons.
I have been riding this route for the last 2 years.
All the drivers previous to the current morning driver let us off at the entrance to Casa de Oro at 94th & J.

When this new bus driver took over the morning run she told us she could not stop at the entrance anymore because there was no sign there.
She has since been taking us all the way to the corner instead.

There have been several contradictions since she told us this:

1. There is no sign at the corner of 90th & F.
She lets people off at that stop every morning with no problem because most of them are white.

2. When a white man asked to be let off at a place without a sign, she told them "no problem" and let them off where requested.
This has happened at least 2 times.

3. On at least 2 occassions, when I asked her a question concerning the route or service, she ignored me and never answered.

4. This last insult started 2005-01-07 Friday.
I did not ride the bus that morning but I was told she stopped at the Casa de Oro entrance at 94th & J because a white man asked to be let off there.

5. After me co-worker had told me on 2005-01-10 Monday that she had stopped at the entrance to Casa de Oro Friday, she again went to the corner instead of stopping at the same place she had Friday for the white man.

This is clearly discrimination if she is accomodating some people but not others.
There is no equality in treatment if she cannot fulfill similar requests for all, instead of the people she chooses.
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