Pre War Bush Administration Statements

  1. 2002-02-13

    I believe demolishing Hussein's military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk.

    Defense Policy Board Member Ken Adelman

  2. 2002-08-26

    Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.

    Vice President Dick Cheney

  3. 2002-09-10

    We do know that (Saddam) is actively pursuing a nuclear weapon.

    National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

  4. 2003-02-07

    It is not knowable how long that conflict would last.
    It could last, you know, six days, six weeks, I doubt six months.

    Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

  5. 2003-03-16

    My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.

    Vice President Dick Cheney

  6. 2003-03-27

    We're dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon.

    Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

  7. 2003-03-30

    We know where (the weapons) are.
    They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, north and south somewhat.

    Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
Excerpts from This Modern World that appeared in the 2004 October 7-13 Reader

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