aryan1 Cattle,

the Redefinition of Civilization

and the resulting decline

by Mourice Kadmos Minyai


No one race, color, corporation, industry, nation or institution can bring about Civilization. TRUE Civilization is a collective, ongoing process.



Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that this analysis of where this so-called Civilization is headed is not intended to change any minds or attitudes about race, humanity or faith. It's not going to paint a rosy picture about the past. Mistakes and evil have existed throughout history. The whole world is not going to see everything the same way. What is different today from ancient times is the notion that “the whiter you are the more godly one would be” which is not supported by anything in stable thinking. The author argues that the ideology of ancient Civilization was the result of an understanding that humanity can not survive when barbaric people or cultures run rampant no matter the excuse of the victimizers. That is one of the arguments of this paper. This is not an indictment on skin color of any kind for history makes it clear that institutionalizing skin color is unique to "one" self-defined group who - history shows - can not posses "inner decency". If the world is not watching them they seize the opportunity of freedom to take others freedoms away primarily along skin-color lines. They only act civilized under observation. Central to this analysis is the authors conclusion that "they never truly civilized, they sought to redefine all the world while spreading "their kind"", their kind defined as white skinned people. This leads to a truly civilized question: what would they do with all the non-white people that make up the majority of humanity? We can get clues from historical behavior, covert, codified or otherwise.

Although there are those who openly express their aryan pride, the vast majority of racists of the lighter skinned persuasion - characterized by “white control”, “white purity”, “white hollywood”, “white media”, “white christians”, “white business”, “the whitening of the world” - would not call themselves, at least not publically, aryan. Most simply abide by virtually every rule of the aryan, however, like cattle being herded along. In effect they are aryan cattle typified by covertness and codification of their intentions with the training starting at a young age. They realize they are the minority of the world which is why they feel it necessary to carry out their aryan game by pretending to be civilized, yet the end result, the bottom line always ends up in hopelessness, decease, death and dispare where ever they control.

No matter how many museums of ancient history, no matter how many ancient documents show their ancestors were blatant, pathological liars and no matter how many ancient cities, towns and burial plots are unearthed, they will blindly abide by the lies that have been told and are still told in this the 21st Century. Therefore, this article is for those who are sick of the aryan culture and are simply looking for rational justification for action which is the difference between the aryan culture and “real” humanity. Every thought process outside of aryan culture shows clearly, the aryan never civilized according to thousands of years of trial and error that defines Civilization, they simply spread with the sole intent to redefine the entire planet according to “whiteness” telling the core lie that “whiteness” has “always been this way since they founded Civilization”. This paper gives references to demonstrate they've been lying to themselves and humanity all along.


My argument is based on the belief that Civilization is the result of steady progress by all humanity with several cultures throughout the world contributing. Different ethnic groups finding common ground to avoid the inevitable opening of Pandora's box by those who are stupid enough to believe that crossing borders with impunity and promoting – if covertly – the Master Race doctrine and the presumed rights of this Master Race to rape the resources and people anywhere, at any time, to be permissible behavior. That is unless the enemies of the Master Race doctrine have the ability to destroy this so-called Master Race at which time the scheme of diplomacy is invoked while weaknesses are explored and schemes devised to the end of continuing said Master Race. Making treaties then breaking the treaties.

As a part of working toward true Civilization we must reeducate all according to the reality based on the research of thousands of years of history. We must see black and white for what it truly is. At best used for descriptive purposes and not as a reason to form institutions based on race or skin color. Let's be real Americans, a people in fashion with the real world and shun those who refuse to be real. From top to bottom we need to ask the question what kind of people live in the U.S. instead of blindly playing along with the notion that there is any such right as "the freedom to take others freedoms away".  NO MATTER THE POLITICAL SCHEME if anyone has the attitude they can be bought to promote evil these are who we target.

No one race, color, corporation, industry, nation or institution can bring about Civilization. True Civilization is a collective, ongoing process. My argument is that there are forces that have redefined what Civilization really is. That somehow “the whiter you are the more civil you are” of course discounting World Wars one and two which killed more people than all other wars combined, the genocide of the Indian population of the Americas and by all historical accounts the most hideous slave trade in recorded history not to mention institutionalizing racism along skin color lines. This brazen disregard for the “true” definition of Civilization, which is what this paper is about is the evil that seems to grow with each passing day – albeit in ways more subtle. If the United States got away with it, why not repeat this tactic in the Sudan and elsewhere. The Arab government of Sudan using these same tactics to destroy the indigenous Sudanese to Arabize all of Sudan.

It is the authors view that evil people can not be changed. That those who have changed their ways have done so after being educated and therefore were not loyal to evil, just misguided. It is also the authors view – based on thousands of years of history and the obvious increase in sadistic behavior – that there are those who are loyal to evil to the death spreading said evil by destroying the peace and culture and moving in “their kind”. This analysis is principally designed to make a clear distinction between the 'real' world and what is popularly considered the real world. This analysis was not conjured up in isolation. It's not based on the notion that one can simply lie with impunity and defiantly stick to the lie until it is accepted as truth – living daily and accordingly. The author believes that evil stifles knowledge. That no matter the subject, the mere fact that their teachings result in contradictions and their stories simply do not add up is a testament to their true goal. To either engulf the world with “their kind” or run the globe into the ground with sadistic purpose and utter defiance of stability and order if they can not. Again, this attitude I based on what we have seen from ancient times to the present.

Despite an ever increasing understanding of biological functions and DNA and the resulting conclusion that all of humanity is 99.9 percent similar we have those who focus on the minuscule variations that account for the differences in skin color or ethnicity throughout humanity. Despite the historical reality that differing ethnic groups have been intermixing from the very beginning. Despite the apparent diversity of Egypt, Greece and Rome as key examples in ancient times we instead cooperate with those who have told one pathological lie after another about what makes humanity what it is. Despite archeology, anthropology, forensics, DNA, linguistics and other sciences we consider leaders those whose decision making habits go against everything we have learned. Despite the reality that scientific progress spans thousands of years across several cultures beginning in Africa, we have those who behave as if only their kind created the world and the rest of us invaded “their” planet.

Skin color has no bearing on true Civilization. Thus what has been redefined to be so-called Civilization is instead political schemes that pit the aryan culture against humanity including those who admire and mimmick aryan behavior. Central to the aryan game is skin color and race.2 While at one time their true intentions were brazingly spewed out publically, today it's primarily taught in secrecy – with a few exceptions. The Master Race doctrine is to be considered as common law. Something you are to simply abide by without discussion or question. Although this is less in todays times major institutions – such as the U.S. Government, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and the Board Rooms of multi-billion dollar multinational corporations – still scheme to maintain the aryan doctrine honing their powers of deception to maintain the “white image” that is not in line with the ancient writings, archeology, anthropology, paleontology, DNA, linguistics or any other study of the ancient world.

Before aryan Spread

After aryan Spread

Wars based on long standing feuds over water or land rights and constrained to region of waring parties. Wars based on showing strength yet confined mostly to the administrations and their armies not affecting the general population. An exception was the Mongolian Hordes that nearly destroyed all of Islam, yet even they had a change of heart and helped rebuild Islam becoming patrons of the faith not redefining Islam

Wars fought based on whose the better aryan (WWI & WWII) killing more people than all other wars combined. Trumping up false evidence to justify pre-emptive behavior based on the unspoken Master Race doctrine. Arming rebel groups to deliberately destabilize countries for leaders who do not abide by the Master Race doctrine. One of many examples being the CIA funding the assassination of the democratically elected leader of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC) and replacing him with a tyrant who stole from the country and ran the country in the ground the suffering of the people still apparent to this day

No wide-spread toxins in air, water and land

Toxins pumped in the air and water and poured into land fills in tons per year affecting every continent on earth. The effect of the industrial revolution the aryan brags - in secrecy - is under their ultimate, omnipotent control

World based on reality of one's own culture and family but open to learning from other cultures. Examples include the first international conference on science held in Baghdad Iraq several hundred years before the European renaissance3 which brought together several countries and the sharing of information with all participants and the current prevailing positive attitude by 87 percent of Africans when asked if outsiders brought new ideas and cultural exchanges4

Throughout the aryan controlled United States segregation is preached religiously without rational objective thought. The prevailing aryan teaching is to deceive, deceive, deceive. Scheme, scheme, scheme. Lie, lie, lie. To isolate their kind and promote white purity, but to reserve the right to pop out of isolation in pre-emptive attacks designed to acquire resources to preserve and spread the aryan teachings exclusively. “The 24/7-365-8 to 88 white” who think of themselves as the only true Americans in the same pattern of behavior as the pure aryan doctrine

With greater exposure between rival cultures differences gradually over the generations become less important and the people of a land become the same people. The Greeks and the Romans are ancient examples. The people of Southwestern India are a modern example dissolving the cast system to only a distant memory

Plotting in secrecy to come up with another political scheme to continue the aryan doctrine. Modern news reports tell of aryan hate groups using billboards and radio time to promote aryan lies in areas they feel are responsive to the notion of white purity. The radio talk show host Rush Limbough built a career on the values of the right, all one has to do is look at the makeup of the right. Even after being exposed to diversity they actively isolate themselves and teach lies with sadistic obsession. Based on a study done at the University of Texas – Pan American and other Universities it has been quoted: “we have a two decade old study that's been going on, it's a continuous study, where we send different people out to communities ... we send a white person, a latino person and a black person ... what we've found is that discrimination hasn't changed in housing in the last 20 years”

The ancient writings over several centuries show diverse cultures and teachings. The Muslims credited the Greeks for their contributions. The Greeks credited the Egyptians for their contributions. The early Europeans credited the Muslims for preserving the Greek writings and educating their youth

Repeated and ongoing attempts to redefine history. Crediting whites for discoveries and developments brought to Europe from outside cultures. Hollywood attempting to blur the lines between fact and fiction on purpose. Hollywood dropped funding of the movie “Malcolm X” by Spike Lee when Spike detected their attempts to control the historical facts and refused to cooperate. Spike was forced to find other sources of funding to finish the film and maintain its historical relevance. Throughout aryan controlled societies this type of behavior is constant and obsessive

No nuclear weapons although many engineering accomplishments have been discovered out side of Europe by archaeologists that predate the European renaissance and the first gun was introduced to Europe in the year 1304 by the Muslims

Nuclear proliferation. Countries spending hundreds of billions of dollars to develop their own nuclear and conventional weapons to build their militaries knowing if they don't they will be a target for aryan spread. This contributes to instability due to money not being used to build infrastructure and social programs for the people of a given nation

Skin color not a factor in forming institutions

Institutional racism is the standard operating procedure. The “it's my civic duty to be a racist” doctrine permeating every aspect of society defying all rational behavior. To this end hijacking true Christianity (by writing their own bibles) and attempting to rewrite history to support the pathological behavior. Exploiting humanities natural desire for justice institutionalizing the “catch me being racist if you can” mentality which leads to codification of the racism

The above can not be exhaustive of how deep the aryan sickness goes. We must keep in mind, this goes back several centuries. It is simply to give a brief idea of how the world has changed since ancient times. We habitually give whites credit without questioning the true source of discovery. It is safe to say that most of what we enjoy in modern times has its roots outside Europe but you wouldn't know it by “the 24/7-365-8 to 88 white” game of deception that has come to define the racist aryan culture. Shamelessly taking credit for others achievements is a daily occurance in business and academia for aryan whites.

The Lost Blacks of America

“To achieve the American dream, some Africans leave the country.”5

This and many other observations have brought to light the fundamental question of conflicting cultures. “Silas Anamelechi, 29, believes his parents' decision to send him back to Nigeria at age 15 might even have saved his life. Just 10 years old when his parents first moved to the United States, Mr. Anamelechi said he was teased mercilessly by the children in the predominantly black Washington school for having the wrong clothes, wrong haircut, wrong shoes and wrong accent. The things he did to gain acceptance – cutting up in class, sneaking out of the house – got him into trouble with his parents. The summer after ninth grade, his father took him back to Nigeria (for what the then-teenager thought was a summer vacation) and left him there at a boarding school. “I saw it as a punishment then,” said Mr. Anamelechi, a PhD student in atmospheric climatology at Howard University. “Now I see it as a blessing. A couple of those friends I had started to run around with have been shot and killed.””6

Children who first get their primary education and cultural teachings before coming into contact with other cultures is at the core. Being an aryan based government with an aryan culture they have mandated coming into contact with black children to start aryan teachings "immediately" so that American blacks become surrogate aryans.

This is one of thousands of examples of the recognition that the American way of raising children is superior is a fantasy at best and can be deadly for children of color because of the keep-them-down mentality of both racist whites and their black, hispanic, latino and asian supporters. Even though this story could have been told in a predominantly white racist school notice this school was predominantly black. This raises the issue of people of color aiding and abetting those who have clearly and historically considered themselves the enemies of people of color, thus adding to not inhibiting the pathological behavior of the aryan culture.

This cultural habit of helping those who deem themselves the enemy of people of color is not new. “... such signs of Civilization they [the blacks] now showed were due to the benevolence of Christian whites who had dragged them from Africa and cannibalism, thereby plucking them as “brands from the burning” of hell and eternal torment. The Christian blacks themselves said amen to this and joined in spreading the doctrine.7 “The slavemasters and kidnappers had indeed done their work well. They had so incorporated their iniquities with the Christian religion that when you doubted their racism you were contradicting the Bible and flying in the face of God Almighty.”

To drive home the point of the thoroughness of aryan lies these had used the southern mammies [who commonly breast fed white children] to teach little white children the same doctrine. 8 Indeed many blacks in this country, after several generations of supporting evil – not opposing it – now simply support evil out of habit prompting other cultures to separate themselves from American Blacks for the sake of their children. Notice, however, they do not likewise separate themselves from racist aryans thus the reason why the pathological behavior continues to define America. Most in America and elsewhere fail to distinguish aryan whites from white human beings. Let it be known that this author does make such a distinction. As a modern example of those who are aware of the aryan tactic notice in Iraq the prevailing attitude - to avoid what happened to American blacks. If you were caught even talking to an American that could be construed to be the American exercising brainwashing tactics and the Iraqi citizen is therefore punished for even listening to an American or being seen hanging around one. In other words, one is punished for supporting the evil.

It is my view that Civilization is on a nonreversible course to a decline that will not recover without first facing the realities of how this planet started the path it is now on. In order for the world to recover and put the planet back in balance we must investigate what most scholars have come to understand – that is – the scholars who are not a part of the aryan agenda to destroy humanity and redo the Earth in their image. This, of course, could not possibly have been accomplished to the degree which it has without the practice of using cultural traitors and fools who – to this day – have not come to understand, whatever the claim, what I will refer to throughout this paper as the “24/7-365-8 to 88” white in a diverse world. The goal of blanketing white skin over all the Earth and the pathological lies to that end.

As evidence of my view I will show how, beginning in Europe, the rewriting of the Bible, rewriting History or discouraging the study of History from the cultures where the history derived, breeding disrespect for the cultures outside Europe and International collaborations of European based countries all play a part in attempting to redefine the entire planet. It is worth noting that both the Greeks and Romans considered the “lighter skinned people up North”, that is, Northern Europe as lacking an understanding of what Civilization is and that the “dark skinned people to the South”, that is, the Africans as having a much more intellectual and rational culture. “Needless to say, Vitruvius [of Rome] and Aristotle [of Greece] would have been shocked at the notion of blond superiority”. The Greeks and Romans would have been paralyzed with disbelief at the rise of Western/aryan culture.9

There is zero evidence to show that any of the previous Dynasties, Superpowers, what-have-you, made a claim to ALL of humanity. Yes, there were conquerers and rulers. However, even the worst rulers confined their conquests to their part of the world primarily to demonstrate their strength as leader. On the other hand writings by aryan pathological liars during the seventeen hundreds before air travel, before mass communications showed their master race intentions. This, again, clearly proves that the thought did not arise as a result of technology. The ships, muskets and gun powder - all of which were possible for the Muslims to use as well - was enough of an opportunity to preempt and attack Africa.10 Not until the spread of the aryan culture did the Master race doctrine begin. Let us not forget that Greece and Rome are both European countries yet neither claimed to own the entire planet directly or by proxy through corrupt regimes. In these so-called modern times the world has been turned on its head and we now consider practices normal and essential the Greeks and Romans showed as proof the Northern Europeans just didn't get it.

There is no “inner” decency in the aryan culture. You're only guilty when caught.

Progressive citizens

Progressive citizens do not blindly follow anyone. A key aspect of real Civilization is organized, diverse education. Teaching people how to think rationally and critically was how the Muslims helped Europe to bring about the European renaissance. Northern Europeans who - for most of history - had scoffed at organized Civilization had finally begun to understand its true value. The education need not be monolithic, but according to the goals of the individual or family. One may need focused certification, another the associate level and still another the masters level. The point is that the standards of education of the society must be maintained. A society is not progressive when education is seen as a threat or a hindrance to more consolidated power. Watering down curricula is a symptom of decline. Consolidating power and promoting unbridled greed is a sign of decline. School districts being all over the map on standards is a sign of confusion not focus. We must resist the trend to reduce America in coming generations to a repeat of "the dark ages". Pretending everything is okay for "me" and mine will not help "America". Denial will not help us. Only reality will. Pathological behavior will surely hasten the decline no matter the title or family name.

The "no child left behind" mandate is a prime example of political wrangling with many states - seemingly - resisting progress and bending over backward to maintain the status quo. While some of the states concerns are real based on the specific needs of the district, other concerns are simply to resist "those" children excelling better than "their" children. They are fooling no one but themselves. The status quo is how we got in this mess in the first place, yet they keep blaming others for their problems, playing political games and wasting time because they are incapable of facing "their" demons. The so-called leaders in these school districts need to grow up and stop the pathological promotion of stupidity. If things continue to get worse in the educational system the first place to look is the culture that has been in charge the whole time ... the status quo. Simply ask the question: what kind of people are running the show? Don't passify their racism find workarounds and leave them behind. If they attack, expose them for what they are and face down the barbarian.

Modern Christianity no where close to the Christianity of Jesus time

Few people bother to actually study and read the bible in todays times. However, the bible has always been known to be the guide book for Christians. Essentially, the study of the bible helps one to become a mature Christian and gain an understanding of what Christianity is. Every sizable corporation has a policy manual. The Bible is the policy manual of Christians and more. If you were to take an ink pen, scratch out what you didn't want, add what you wanted then take said policy manual to the CEO or President telling him you refuse to follow him unless he abides by your changes you would be escorted from the premises. Yet this is what has been done with brazen disregard for the continuity of Christianity. Christians of today are no where close to the Christians of Jesus time. Although many would separate the bible into the old and new sections or Judaism and Christianity a study of the bible clearly shows that it had been prophesied that the Judaism was to lead to the Christianity and therefore the bible is one.
Another example should drive home the point. Whether one would become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, nurse, zoologist, chemist, certified public accountant, what-have-you the core requirement would be - whatever the profession - to study to become a doctor, engineer, etc. Why? It's simple. Would you want someone who had never studied medicine standing over you with a scalpel in an operating room? Christianity was suppose to be the guide of Civilization and the bible was the textbook of Christianity. Could you have faith in a doctor who never studies medicine? Would you want someone who never studied engineering, physics and chemistry to build a power plant? Then how could you call leaders those to blatantly misrepresent Civilization by redefining what a Christian is? "Whites only" heaven.

There were secular rulers in ancient times who refused to believe in an all powerful singular God and saw Christianity as a threat to their power. These secular Kings, Governors, etc. even tried beheadings, burnings at the stake and other deterrents to the study of the bible. So strong was the faith of those who had come to know the bible (mostly through oral readings at regular meetings) people were willing to die rather than give up their bibles or the community bible. Knowing the power the bible held, one secular king, King James, decided to instead rewrite the bible to suit his secular ambitions. This tainted bible became the most widely read bible in the world and other non-holy bibles have been written based on King James concept, namely political power or financial gain, not promoting an accurate understanding of biblical teachings. To show how bold King James was, he renamed the bible putting his name smack on the cover. The James of the bible of Jesus' time was not a European king, he was an Apostle from the middle east.

The consequences of altering the original message of what the bible truly represented have largely - with attempts to redefine other key aspects of Civilization – played a role in the confusion that is now common and welcomed.

We now perpetually experiment with the lives of millions and when sufferings result blame the same God whose guide book – the bible – we never bother to study. As a Civilization we no longer have faith in God to any real extent – mainly superficial worship and using God for political gain or financial gain – becoming a rudderless, hodge-podge of people exclaiming “it's all good” and justifying evil by evoking God when it's convenient. So that in todays so-called Civilization bombings, killings, raping, stealing, preemptive invasions, trumping up false evidence, false imprisonment, passifying criminals and even worshiping them and many other forms of pathological behavior, well, its all good. Then comes the response, endless revenge. The modern prevailing attitude – thanks to people like King James – is that there is no good and evil and there's only consequences when it's politically correct to punish wrong-doers. That is why blacks are more likely to end up in prison when whites in the United States commit most of the crime. Crystallized cocaine exacting a much heavier sentence than powdered cocaine when they are both two forms of cocaine. Crystallized cocaine is more likely to be found in the poor black or hispanic or latino parts of the metro. Politics not real Christianity determines who pays for what crimes.

Christianity and racism are like oil and water. They can't mix, therefore Christianity of today is really a cover for political schemes. In the year 2004 the issue of the “Ten Commandments” at Government buildings went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. People who have the aryan philosophy of the world turned out in large numbers proclaiming “their” Christian values to be under attack. These so-called Christians call themselves God fearing yet they plot the demise of other cultures pre-emptively. Remember, the aryan does not intermix with darker skinned people eventually becoming the same people as the Greeks, Romans, Asians and later the Arabs did. They attack “those” people and move in “their kind” namely white (or easily whitened) people. The Mormon church has historically taught that – with the exception of one – black people could not go to heaven.11 First of all, is it not God who decides who can and who can not come into this realm. The “real” bible never mentions who can and can not go to heaven by skin color. Secondly, this Mormon doctrine is clearly fascist. Therefore, why would God allow Mormons into heaven with a historically aryan mindset when the “real” bible says that evil was kicked out of heaven. In other words, the Mormons want you to believe they – and other so-called Christians – can lie on God, commit evil and go to a heaven other beings were extracted from because they were evil. aryan reasoning.

The aryan philosophy has always historically supported genocide - directly, through the rape of resources or taking advantage of natural disasters - yet one of the commandments clearly says “thou shalt not kill” the exception in the guide book for Christians being “an eye for an eye”. Genocide is pre-emptive in nature not a response for someone having taken a life for which their life should be taken. These kinds of fundamental contradictions are “normal” in the aryan culture prompting the claim of Civilizations decline. Every aspect of what is seen in the society they control points to their never truly becoming civil, they simply spread the same ancient aryan mindset to country after country becoming experts at camouflaging their true barbaric agenda with covert schemes. The "catch me if you can" game.

Scott Peterson made sure he kept his hair trimmed and had shaved recently before murdering his wife Laci Peterson and their unborn son and throwing their bodies in the bay to rot. Scott Peterson looked like a nice guy. Average. That is just my point. Monsters in this society don't have horns, fangs and claws. Monsters are not exclusively brown skinned - light, medium or dark. They may or may not have tattoos. They could be anywhere in society because America is an open society. In the aryan society the mindset is barbarian while they play the role of upstanding citizen simultaneously. One face in secrecy another in public which is – of course – completely contrary to the Christian teachings before King James, before Pope Urban. There is no “inner” decency in the aryan culture. You're only guilty when caught.

History's reach

The opening words to this web page stated: "No one race, color, corporation, industry, nation or institution can bring about Civilization. TRUE Civilization is a collective, ongoing process". If this reality were taught in a convincing way to American children and adults it would go a long way to helping the citizens of this nation to grasp where we are versus where we pretend we are. 

It has been stated by news sources that there are approximately one million fugitives in the United States as of April 2005. Even if most are simply warrants for traffic violations it still leaves tens of thousands of rapists, murderers, drug dealers and child molesters roaming America. What does this have to do with history? Where we are today is the result of the thinking and attitudes of our past. Rome wasn't built in a day and where we are today did not start yesterday. "No man is an island". For better or for worse all of society is linked, many times in ways we do not recognize or pay attention to. Edmund Burke stated: "A people will never look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors".  The evil this country was founded on is coming back to bite all of us on the ass.

The whole concept of history was to study the good and bad from the past mimicking the positive and learning not to repeat the mistakes. Those who forget the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat those very same mistakes. This country's being founded on the notion of following those who promise a "new" world assumes that a "new" world can be conjured up on a whim. One simple question would have put that idea to rest. What were you to do with all those other peoples and cultures and nations whose traditions stabilized their lives? Destabilize their lives for the sake of the "new" world? That is exactly what happened. This country being founded on evil, destabilizing tactics for political power and money will haunt this country so long as the mindset that founded this country continues to run this country which, for the most part, it does. There are endless examples to show what happens when a society acts civil versus an evil society who sadistically abides by the notion that more prisons and more gun toting cops is the solution not taking any responsibility as to how they raise their children. A sick society breeds sick acts within that society. While the culture that runs America continues making excuses for the deterioration, making more unrealistic promises, the society continues its decline. How will they ultimately handle the problem? Lower the standards yet again, redefine what is criminal and pressure the media who is reporting the condition of this country to stop reporting it. The media will show more glitz and happy actors across the networks while the FBI crimes statistics will continue to document the decline. Nobody reads FBI crimes statistics. They watch fake, happy TV shows.

They are the reason things keep getting worse and they are never going to stop upholding the schemes and lies "that made this nation great".

If the aryan culture were to have simply listened to these diverse cultures in telling their story of how they have weathered the centuries as a people, this would have put them more in touch with humanity. Instead, they sought to redefine the world and it's history.

History's reach is clear to all but the aryan and the aryan supporters. The March 2005 Special Edition of Scientific American®, a widely respected magazine, covers evidence that has been unearthed in far flung places such as the Alps, Malta, Pakistan, Turkey, Southern Africa, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Peru and Mexico of societies spanning thousands of years. The research methods, generally mentioned earlier, that brought about a greater understanding in these parts of the world show the diversity of humanity. Humanity has been diverse for a very long time. Certainly much longer than since the Dark Ages subsided by the building of European economies.

Whether they are willing to live up to the reality, which is not likely, is not the issue. It is what the non-aryan cultures - be they dark, medium, light brown in tone or white - will do. Are we going to ignore all the evidence. Are we going to continue blindly following the evil that founded this nation or are we Americans going to become a "real" people of the land, AMERICANSNOT according to the rules of the aryan. If we continue the course of thinking this country and world can survive the aryan way, well, kiss the baby goodbye. As the Greeks and Romans put it, the aryan is stupid and any PATTERN of behavior that makes one a member of the aryan culture should be treated as such. STUPID. Therefore, racism is stupid. Banning together to deal with a group of Americans based on race or skin color is stupid. Forming associations and institutions based on our kind versus their kind is stupid. Don't be a stupid aryan or aryan slave. Be an AMERICAN.

Current Information

Although there is a mountain of historical evidence to show how pathological behavior has spread and is now ingrained into the very culture of America generally, we do not have far to look in every day headlines and reports on what Americas being founded has led us to. Distrust and racial tensions due to pathological behavior being considered “normal”. The behavior of American aryans that it is their “civic duty” to be racists which is a fascist statement is key. American aryans do not take responsibility for their behavior. They seek political schemes to support their evil. In order for decency to survive we have to stop glorifying pathological behavior and call a spade a spade. They are a danger to you, your community, family and future. To this day, our joining in with the black Christian mindset of America's racist beginning and pacifying pathological racist whites the way mammies have done (with the mammie mindset being as alive and well as racism) will mean more examples of monster acts by citizens who deny they even have a problem.

Blacks in America see aryan racism as absolute and almighty - divine racism - while the Africans see their problems as being a combination of factors including their own divisions and the aryans exploiting those divisions. Alexander's divide and conquer scheme.

To prove we as people of color still have not stopped practicing the black Christian support of aryan lies and the mammie mentality simply mention the word Africa. Blacks in America respond the same as aryans when we know the aryan cultural mindset. Why would I support the mindset of aryans? The reality is that we as black Americans have made their evil our way of life and unless we deal with that reality they will drag us into the world's back-lash against them. aryans organizing domestically while blacks, Hispanics and Asians send their children to fight American wars the aryans and those who support them pre-emptively start with other countries. The wars America fights is not based on indigenous African teachings. They are based on aryan teachings. People of color fighting wars to help protect aryans while they scheme back in the U.S. Sick.

I quoted a New York Times news article showing clear cultural differences between blacks in America and Africans, my sentiment being that indigenous Africans, being less likely to have been exposed to aryan philosophy at an early age, have a better grip on the realities of the real world than American blacks. That's why they tend to excel better than many American blacks. Africans in greater number go into the science and engineering disciplines while those American blacks that do go to college seem to focus exclusively on the old Jim Crow degrees such as Social Services, Sports and Entertainment. While there is nothing wrong with these disciplines black Americans reason that they have a better chance of success if they abide by the old rules this nation was founded on.

Yes, the African continent is in last place in every indicator of quality of life, but the reasons have been and continue to be analyzed and time and again Western/aryan cultured nations keep popping up as a huge part of the problem, yet Africans still feel they could have lessened the impact of racism against their continent had they worked together instead of helping the aryans oppress them. Even with every thing going against them as a continent they still produce more engineers and scientists per capita than American blacks who live in the richest nation (so far) in the world. Why? The Africans generally take responsibility for their failures while recognizing that racist external forces contributed. Says a school teacher from Uganda: “We blame ourselves because the country is not united behind one President”.12 An Engineer from Kenya also explains: “The Governments should involve people in planning for the country. Mass education and sensitisation should start from grassroots to educate people about their rights and responsibilities”.13 Future graduates also had their take. A group of Tanzanian students expressed: “We are of the view that the Government should be more careful in adopting policies from outside that are not compatible with our own culture and realities”.14

That's our problem in America. Blacks in America see aryan racism as absolute and almighty - divine racism - while the Africans see their problems as being a combination of factors including their own divisions and the aryans exploiting those divisions. Alexander's divide and conquer scheme. One reason is that we share an aryan based Government with the aryan culture. It is common for blacks in America to talk of whites - without distinguishing aryan from non-aryan - as glorified humans who got everything. The great whites. They do not acknowledge that the divorce rate in America is the highest in the world. They don't acknowledge the divided families in America - black or white. They don't acknowledge the "throw away your parents" cultural disease. They don't acknowledge the reputation of being fake and deceptive – the ugly Americans. They don't pay attention to the crimes they commit. They don't acknowledge the out-of-control meth addiction and other drugs. They, like the aryans they worship, simply don't talk about how this all came to be, namely, the material gluteny. They don't deal with the reality that most Americans - black or white are living above their means and are economically irresponsible. They see the instant gratification, surface, image games and fantasize being like them. Blacks don't deal with the reality of what the debt condition of this country means in reality, in the "real" world. They think aryans know the real world which is why blacks in America with all its wealth suffer disproportionately. Although the word is not used, not all, but too many blacks have the mindset of let "Master" handle it and we'll strive to be like "Master". They don't understand that the idea of organized education was not invented in Europe or America. They don't even understand that excellence in education is not achieved by simply sitting in the same school or room as a aryan white but is the result of quality text books, quality teachers and putting in the study time at home, the library or under a shade tree in the park.

Whether from Africa or the Dominican Republic or China. Children who first get their primary education and cultural teachings before coming into contact with other cultures is at the core. Being an aryan based government with an aryan culture they have mandated coming into contact with black children to start aryan teachings "immediately" so that American blacks become surrogate aryans. Therefore we have to deal with separating ourselves culturally from aryans and those who adopt their mentality while developing a more cohesive culture and relations with those in other countries that are as tired of pathological aryans as we are while not creating an unstable environment in the process. Again for the record, the author does not worship aryans and has a problem respecting those who do.

One of the many problems Africa faces is “The brain drain” of talent from the continent. “Africa's economic links with the rest of the world involve the movement of people as well as capital and goods ... Africa loses an average of 20,000 skilled personnel a year to developed countries”, including America. In the last few years 1,200 doctors have left the country of Zambia alone.15 “The flight of human capital is closely associated with the same conditions as flight of financial capital – conflict, weak governance, and poor investment climate. If conditions do not allow you to use your talents, whether as an entrepreneur, doctor, or engineer, you will be more likely to look elsewhere”.16 This clearly shows the aryan pathological notion that skin color determines intelligence is “their” sickness. Africa has a lot of talent but the talent is not staying because of stability issues as explained earlier and will be covered again.

Contrary to the wishes of the aryan culture Africa is not all gloom and doom. Although many people are suffering in Africa we habitually view Africa through Western news clippings from twenty years ago. “Our starting point is to tell the truth about Africa”.17 One example of how things have changed in Africa is seen by the use of the cell phone on the continent. “The use of mobile phones in Africa is increasing much faster than anywhere else in the world. Some 75 per cent of all telephones in Africa are mobile.”18 “The mobile phone is creating virtual infrastructures and raising the possibility of unthought-of-transformations in African culture, infrastructure and politics – studies show that when 20 per cent of a populations has the ability to exchange news and ideas through access to cellphones and text messaging, dictatorial or totalitarian regimes find it hard to retain power”.19 Notice, it only takes 20 per cent easily communicating to make it difficult for totalitarian Governments to stay in power. Put another way it becomes harder for the West to buy corrupt leaders to keep their people down. The word would get out much faster than in past generations.

In telling the truth about Africa when seen through African eyes, key differences in cultures arise. While the “24/7-365-8 to 88 white in a diverse world” teachings is religiously taught in the Western world – especially the U.S. other cultures are more willing to share ideas cross-culture. While those with the aryan cultural mindset habitually take credit for other peoples and cultures inventions and accomplishments the attitude in much of Africa is just the opposite. The more realistic view of 87 per cent of Africans surveyed in several countries is that people from other parts of the world bring new ideas and cultural exchanges to the host community. Says a student from Mozambique: “Migration brings for us new views, friendships, solidarity between people from other parts of the world”.20 It is this optimism that is viewed as a weakness by the aryan barbarians but is actually a strength for Africa and is how the real world works. This is yet another example why the aryan culture is the last culture you would want to be the steward of world affairs. Once again, the aryans have no clue.

If it walks like a duck ...

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, has feathers, webbed feet, wings and every other attribute of a duck to even consider a duck to be anything but a duck shows a complete collapse of reason.

Cooperating with the idea that the aryan culture should be trusted with the world's resources and international affairs is akin to entrusting a pedophile or zenophile with running a daycare center. Negotiating with someone who shows a pattern of aryan behavior – representing a historically racially bias institution – is like knowingly supporting a drug addict's owning a pharmacy. Making excuses instead of making sense breeds generations of people who think there is a political scheme for everything. Lowering the standard of 'real' Civilization. Redefining what Civilization is in the first place.

The current generation of aryan is simply continuing the legacy of lies from past generations. There is an avalanche of evidence from Archeology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Paleontology, DNA, Forensic Science, the history of the last hundred years, the list goes on and on that the world the aryans pretend exists only exists among those whose mind, body and spirit they control. Figuratively speaking, they tell anyone who would even listen to them that a duck is instead a donkey and people do not question their motives.

Dark skinned people were doing nothing until whites came along is one of those pathological lies. They do not show themselves the courage to let go of what is obvious to all but the aryan culture. The isolated world of the past played a key role in allowing the lies to escalate to a level that now threatens to destabilize the entire planet. The reasoning being if the evil United States could be so pathological and go on to become the most powerful nation in the world then this must be the way to go. The problem is that if all the world acts as America has historically – both domestically and internationally which is the same mindset ultimately – collapse is the only outcome.

The culture is seen in Americas obsession with dividing instead of accepting the reality that has been the rule of Earth from the beginning. That sharing the same land would cause the people of that land to – over time – become the same people. Hispanics are Hispanics. The true Hispanic is not going to play the aryan game and divide their own families and communities to suit the aryan. Chinese are not black or white they are Chinese and no sane Chinese person is going to forsake thousands of years of culture to be aryan. A Palestinian woman became upset when asked to check a box on a form "black" or "white". She angrily exclaimed "I am not black or white I am Palestinian". Eastern Indians are Indians they are not Europeans, although a tiny fraction – about 0.1 percent – consider themselves aryan. Hollywood wants to jump on that tiny fraction and make us believe that the 0.1 percent is India in general. Yet, the vast majority of urban dwelling Indians disdain the aryan wanna-bees and many Indian youth listen to American rap music. Although Egypt's beginning was clearly Nubian (modern day Ethiopian) as Egypt grew in status in ancient times it went through many transformations. Its people became more diverse. They switched from pagan to Islam, and yet to this day they consider themselves Egyptian although admittedly they have been tainted by the British/aryan lies.

Confusion is one of the key tactics in the aryan bag of tricks. Leaching on to a people and redefining who they are is an obsession that contributes to a cultures degrade. Remember, they are not there to exchange ideas. They are there to steal ideas, take credit for the ideas, widdle away the original and move in whiter skinned people (remember America?) not in time becoming the same people. Segregation not integration is the pattern of behavior. Repeating these tactics brings down culture after culture and in time all of Civilization.

Calling a Spade a Spade

“It's all good”. This statement is one of the most stupid of all statements emanating from the streets of America. This one statement shows a complete lack of thought to the questions of life and existence.

In America we routinely fail to call a spade simply a spade. This too is one of the aryan traits that has rubbed off onto the general population. The aryan goal has always been to redefine everything they come into contact with. As a result many – at least at first – understood statements the aryans (commonly and mistakingly just grouped as "white") would make in conversations to be blatant stupidity. It still is. The stupidity has not changed. The question is: have you allowed the stupidity – by repeating the stupidity over and over and over ... - to change you?

Repetitive. This trick in the aryan bag of tricks is among the tactics to redefine the world. To repeat the same things over and over and over and over and over ... I think you get my drift. It was a lie the first time. Its a lie the millionth time it was told. The game is to never acknowledge the reality of the majority of the world but to dogmatically repeat the aryan fantasy – or “position” - over and over until YOU accept it as reality. The trick is to never acknowledge your reality but to impose their fantasy until it becomes your reality. Politicians use this tactic during their campaigns to discredit their opponents. From the Presidential race, to state races, to county, to local. It is standard operating procedure. As a culture they refuse to call a spade a spade. They will simply repeat the lie until it – at least in your mind – is the truth. This tactic however refuses to understand that some things are a constant that can not change simply because it is willed. No matter how many times you tell yourselves you can survive without air  and water doing so will mean your death. Playing along with the aryan game has resulted in the majority of the world starving. Culture is just as important to many in the REAL world as air, food, water and shelter and corrupt politicians who fail to understand this lead their people into poverty while they abide by the rules of the aryan culture.

The Juvenile Culture

Economic stability, rule of law and cohesiveness of culture are three of many areas of thought. These three are important because silly immature ways of thinking about our role in humanity downplay the importance of taking these into consideration when making day-to-day decisions from what type of education we would want to ensuring citizens have a grasp of the differences between cultures.

It is common in American society to think of life as just something to live rather than understand life from a greater role among community members. It is a common attitude and popular to exclaim “I don't want to grow up” because maturity is a bad thing. One sign of maturity is to naturally consider the “big” picture more and more as one grows mentally. As an example: what outcome would result from teaching that aryans have a right to plot the demise of other families, communities and cultures. A sign of immaturity is the notion that one has learned enough by the age of twelve or thirteen that one would choose a career that supports their mindset rather than choose a career as a part of the growth and maturity of civilized human beings. An example of choosing a career to support the Juvenile mindset is a youth wanting to be a Prosecutor so he/she can be a part of the machine that works hard to put more of “those people” behind bars. This youth would never grow from a Civilization stand point even if they were to live to the ripe old age of 88. This juvenile prosecutor – or judge, or lawyer, or doctor, etc – would look like a mature adult but would only seek to continue the tradition of aryan thinking decided at a relatively young age as encouraged or mandated by the generation before him.

Another way of showing maturity of culture is the wise use of resources. I remember being at the age where it simply didn't register, the importance of efficient use of resources. I now realize it to mean the difference between economic stability and destabilizing wars started over oil - or other energy sources - or raw materials for maintaining infrastructure and services. Science should not be only to come up with new exciting material possessions but should focus more on how to use what we have more efficiently which includes producing products that have increased quality and longevity. The throw-away society we live in is symptomatic of not allowing ourselves to be sensitized to the importance of finding ways to practice discipline and be smart about the consequences of not exercising restraint on spending and gluttony. Put another way. Juvenile behavior by people who "look" wiser and are along in age is expected in the aryan culture. How many times have we heard people in this culture refer to their young children as smarter and wiser than their adult parents? Misguided.

Therefore, any who do not want to continue to be dragged lower by aryan philosophy must have a drive and determination greater than that of those determined to continue the pattern that brings about lowered expectations for education. Lowered expectations of civility. Lowered expectations for accountability of public officials. Lowered expectations for the delivery of basic services and protecting the citizens from harm domestic or international (which is the whole purpose of Government - they forget). Lowered expectations for economic stability. Lowered expectations for conservation. Lowered expectations for the environment. 

Our standards - from a truly civilized standpoint - have been lowered without our even realizing it. Simply by centering our lives around a culture that has the track record of the aryan has caused us to reason as they reason. It is a fact that American kids, black or white, do not even begin to practice proficiency in the math and sciences, yet in order to sustain a country approaching 300 million people - the world's third most populous nation - and growing, hundreds of thousands of engineers and scientists are needed simply to maintain a stable infrastructure. Most youth fantasize about glam jobs and instant gratification careers because of the culture they derive from. Zombies waiting for the gossip about someone else's life instead of living their own lives. They have not been taught to reason out questions such as: what would happen if the power grids were to fall into disrepair? Would disease spread if water treatment facilities were not upgraded? How would you contain an out-break of a given disease? Are there ways to mass produce non-polluting transportation? Do we really need fossil fuels or are there better ways of producing power?

Because the politics of America has been to deceive citizens and control "those" people they are managing America right out of business. Unlike a coffee shop, however, the doors don't quietly close while everyone seeks new jobs. Crime escalates, hopelessness rules and despair multiplies. Desperation runs the shop. All-the-while people who tout themselves as leader behave as children blaming each other and passifying those they should get rid of for the sake of the union. The greater whole. While some talent could be brought in from other nations this does not solve the problem of the citizens that are already here and will undoubtedly breed resentment that American citizens are being left out of good American jobs.

Multi-generation Americans will tire of watching immigrants living the good life while they struggle to put food on the table because the government elite put themselves before the people for the sake of the quick foreign money, the whole point of governance being to effectively manage the country's resources for the benefit of the averagecitizen. They seem to forget this more and more with each passing day.

After all that has been said, everything in this writing can be summed up in one sentence: If this country continues the practice of doing things the aryan way you can kiss the baby goodbye!

1Disclosure: Although I endeavor to get all punctuation correct and spelling mistakes removed I have intentionally left some words that should be capitalized without capitalization. This is more an issue of my expression concerning specifically the 'aryan' (the monster culture lower than humanity) and those who support them NOT all Blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, etc. Outside any references to the subject of this writing and their supporters I apologize for any errors and welcome corrections.  Back to the top ...

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